The Wolf

I love a chance to be The Wolf! This is Michael's Corner, where I can share a recent job that made an impact on me.

A few days before Valentine's Day, I noticed a roof in my very own neighborhood. This roof had uncharacteristically had shingles blow off. Uncharacteristic because the shingles were laminated shingles, which don't often blow off.

The significance of this chance discovery was that rain was headed our way in just a few hours - a LOT of rain!

So, unsolicited, I offered to tarp the roof and help ensure no water damage would occur. I wasn't worried about being paid to help as much as I wanted to help my neighbor and protect their home.

These are the moments that make me proud to be a roofer!

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benefits of metal roofs austin tx

BIG hole!

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Tarped to survive the rain

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All fixed!